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  • BobbyPP--54.jpg

    These photos are really great.

    Thank you so much for a fun day and looking forward to a follow-up shoot in the winter.


  • MazdaPP--152.jpg

    This is extremely kind of you, thank you very much!

    These are excellent so it means a lot to me.

    Have a great Christmas and thanks again.

    Mazda UK - Ramsey the Blue Staffy

  • AlanAndRonPP-8987.jpg

    These are absolutely fantastic! We’re so delighted, thank you so much.

    Alan and Ron

  • JasmineAndPeppermintPP--123.jpg

    The photos are wonderful! I particularly love the whole family shots. Thank you so much!!

    Jasmine and Peppermint

  • CharliePP-60.jpg

    A Selection of some of Paw Pixels friends!

    People and Pets

  • GabyAndSharkyPP--145.jpg

    Hi Ian thanks so much these really exceed expectations! For me as the owner, these images that feel outstanding from an amazing batch!


  • AshfordPP--11.jpg

    .Just had a look on the gallery and they are absolutely fab, thank you so much!


  • LilyAndMerlinPP--78.jpg

    Mate!! These are unbelievable. Just what we wanted. That is all our Christmas gifts sorted for this year. We love them all so much. Cheers.

    Lily and Merlin

  • MazdaPP--68.jpg

    Lovely to meet you yesterday and thanks very much for your help and enthusiasm throughout the day. Absolutely fantastic - thanks so much for these and for delivering so quickly.

    Mazda UK

  • LouisAndMarthaPP--214.jpg

    Thank you so much, these are amazing! Thank you also for turning them around so quick. 

    Martha and Louis

  • ArthurPP-145.jpg

    The photos are really, really great. We are really keen to get some printed!


  • RuffaloPP-69.jpg

    Awesome shots! High benchmark now! Photos look amazing mate!!  Well done and thank you!


  • LeoPP--130.jpg

    It was really fun in Hyde park with you photographing Leo and I. I absolutely love the photographs. Thank you.


  • HerculesMangoAndLolaPP--51.jpg

    Thank you for these wondeful pictures! What is the biggest size you can print them at? I would love them all over my home.

    Hercules, Lola and Mango

  • ParkerPP-42.jpg

    I love your photos! I’ve had a quick look and love them. Looking through them over and over again in more detail! Beautiful.


  • MazdaPP--315.jpg

    Lovely to meet you yesterday and thanks very much for your help and enthusiasm throughout the day. Absolutely fantastic - thanks so much for these and for delivering so quickly.

    Mazda UK - Severus and Lily

  • DustyPP-36.jpg

    It was our pleasure to have you around and thank you for the photos - they look absolutely stunning, really amazing shots. I love them all so much.


  • TiffanyPP--48.jpg

    Thank you so much for these photographs and such a great day out. I can't stop looking at the pictures I love them all so much.


  • HectorPP--52.jpg

    Thank you Ian, they look amazing!!!  I'm absolutely thrilled!


  • PenelopeAndSebastianPP--51.jpg

    I absolutely love them!! They came out beautiful and I can't wait to get them framed!


    Thank you soooo much!

    Penelope and Sebastian

  • MiloPP-49.jpg

    They are lovely!  Thank you. I just love dogs' ears flying when running. I always wanted one of these mid air shots but having tried lots of times myself though it would never happen. Now I have the perfect shot of Milo. Thank you!


  • BagheeraAndAlfiePP-74.jpg

    I want to compliment you on your photography skills ! I'm very taken by the photos that you take of Bagheera and Alfie They're very unique and funny! I wanted to know if you would be interested in an interview on the subject. I'm a writer for and we an audience of  over 1.4 million who would be interested in just how you're able to create such masterpieces !

    Bagheera and Alfie

  • BusterPP-60.jpg

    WOW the photos are FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so so much! We all love them! 

    Can’t believe we got that many!

    We had a such a fun day and we have beautiful photos to remember it by!!

    Thank you so much again and definitely speak soon.


  • Tiffany2019PP--273.jpg

    I’ve had a look at the photos and they look amazing.

    Thank you so much for coming out and getting all these family shots for us!


  • TheVetPP (158 of 171).jpg

    Thanks for sending the photos through from the shoot day.  They are great! We would love to send you something to say thank you!

    Ashley and Pudsey

  • TheVetPP (170 of 171).jpg

    Thanks for these – they are amazing; I’m really pleased with them!

  • ParkerAndTuxPP-63.jpg

    Thanks Ian, Lucy said she had a great time, she came back fizzing. 

    I just wanted to say thank you for the photos, and your time. They're awesome and we'll definitely treasure them.

    I'll be recommending your work to anyone I know looking for a pet/family photographer.

    Parker and Tux

  • BertiePP--5.jpg

    I think your photos are amazing! We had to say goodbye to Bertie this week but we have these great memories. Thank you.


  • BernardPP-27.jpg

    Oh my goodness!!! He's like one of those really fat models that genuinely love being huge!!  He just needs an ill fitting bikini now. 

    Isn't he gorgeous!!!!

    Thank you Ian, You are so amazing. xx


  • FinPP-27.jpg

    They are wonderful!!!! our article will be written this week and will feature all of your images. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


  • BearPP-8.jpg

    Thank you so much for spending time with us yesterday, and filming Bear.   I think it has gone to his head as I definitely detected shades of Ben Stiller in Zoolander on our morning walk today. Amazing pictures. Thank you. 


  • WinstonPP-70.jpg

    I hope you're well! We all loved your pictures - you're very talented! Pics were excellent, my daughter who bought the gift loved them as well. So pleased , this will be a great memory for us all before US adventure.
    That's everyone's Christmas sorted for me with calendars of these pics- ha ha  Fabulous
    pleasure meeting you and hope all is well for you and your family at Christmas
    But honestly big thanks!!!!


  • GeorgePP-74.jpg

    Hi Ian - these are incredible. Well done and very much appreciated. Would you be able to do a family shoot  for us? (Yes!)


  • LogiAndNeroPP-132.jpg

    Thank you so much for sending these over, I've had a look through them and this was exactly what I wanted - I feel very very happy!! 

    Logi and Nero

  • CharliePP-79.jpg

    Thanks so much! We love the photos so much! Charlie's action shots are perfect


  • ADMHallowen2015PP-33.jpg

    LOVE the photos so much! They are brilliant!

    there are some really nice ones of Team ADM and wanted to make sure everyone sees them!

    All Dogs Matter - Halloween

  • IssacAndFlynnPP-121.jpg

     I've been showing your photos to everyone and everyone loves them! Still completely in awe and wondering how on earth I will ever choose which ones to print! That photo shoot was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

    Issac and Flynn

  • OliverAndNubiaPP-39.jpg

    These images look fantastic- it's so hard to photograph black cats but your photos came out beautifully.

    Oliver and Nubia

  • DexterPP-1.jpg

    Thank you so much! They are fantastic! I see a whole different side of Dexter.


  • DennisPP-35.jpg

    Thanks so much; these are really beautiful. So impressed that you managed to take so many lovely ones despite the world's trickiest model...The prints have arrived - They all look brilliant!


  • MontyPP-28.jpg

    The photos are absolutely amazing! We love them and can't stop looking at them! 
    You have really captured Monty's personality. We had such a fun afternoon with you and Monty loved it too.


  • FrankyPP-26.jpg

    Thank you so much for sending the pictures so quickly! They are AMAZING !!! ...We have no words!
    Thank you for capturing our gorgeous dog so well! Especially the eyes!!
    An outstanding job.


  • MelodyPP-60.jpg

    Thank you, these are some beautiful shots! You've done a really good job.


  • JamesPP-28.jpg

    Oh no! we are going to run out of space on our walls when we have all of these printed. They are perfect. Thank you so much.


  • WilsonAndFriendsPP-61.jpg

    They are simply brilliant and really capture him. Many thanks. An easy choice - I would love the third one as a canvas please!

    Wilson and Friends

  • CookiePP-11.jpg

    They are simply brilliant and really capture him. Many thanks. We Would love to order some prints please.


  • MillieAndHarveyPP-56.jpg

    Thank you SO much, I absolutely love them.. particularly some of the black and white ones. It was really kind of you to do extra ones as well. They're really special, I'm sure I will treasure them forever. My grandparents are paying for me to have one printed out big and framed as my birthday present so I will choose one to hang up above the fireplace. 

    Millie and Harvey

  • WoW!!! they are stunning. Once again, many thanks and well done you. You are a top man in your field…….

    Frontline Pet Treatments

  • MazdaPP--77.jpg

    Lovely to meet you yesterday and thanks very much for your help and enthusiasm throughout the day. Absolutely fantastic - thanks so much for these and for delivering so quickly.

    Mazda UK -  Bun The Sausage dog

  • BugsyPP-33.jpg

    These are fantastic! We cannot wait to get them printed.


  • HavenDoveReleasePP-7.jpg

    Fantastic photos Ian! Looks like we are going to be featured in the local news-aper and they want to use lots of your photographs! Really can't thank you enough!

    Haven Dove Release

  • ChewbaccaAndWicketPP-27.jpg

    They are beautiful! Thanks so much for your patience yesterday. By the way, do you do photos for weddings? (Yes I do!)

    Chewbacca and Wicket

  • TaliskerAndObanPP-16.jpg

    We loved it - impressed with the quick response from first enquiry to delivery of digital images in less than 3 weeks and over Xmas!
    Ian knows his stuff and the boys love showing off and Oban LOVES his ball."
    Will definitely recommend you to my friends.

    Talisker and Oban

  • IvyAndJackPP-47.jpg

    “We ordered framed pictures of the wonderful pictures you took of Ivy and Jack. They look great!”

    Ivy and Jack

  • WoodGreenAnimalSanctuaryPP-43.jpg

    “Thank you so much for photographing the staff and animals at the Wood Green Animal sanctuary for our Christmas campaign. The photographs look great!"

    Wood Green Animal Sanctuary

  • ConanAndXenaPP-21.jpg

    “I must say, I am impressed.
    The images Ian produced for us exceeded my expectations. This is not to say I had low expectations, in fact quite the opposite. The photos are so good we have decided to get them Giclee printed on fine art paper and framed in our home. Very happy indeed.”

    Conan and Xena

  • ElvisPP-41.jpg

    “I can not thank you enough for all your efforts, just viewing them now I have pretty much been through every emotion... Elvis didn't know what was going on as he sat on my lap! So many favourites, I'm spoilt for choice! You really have caught his essence.”