Winter Dog Photography in New York City.

Yes we’re feeling the cold too! But it’s not stopping us from getting our cameras out and finding as many canine models as we can find. In fact, we love winter shoots. Dogs look cozy and adorable in their winter gear, winter light is often stunning, and snow adds a real magic element to the images. And obviously we can do shoots, or at least part of them, inside your home as well – it’s wonderful to capture dogs in their happy home. So if you’d like to have your pooch photographed, you don’t have to wait until spring!

To find out more about dog photography in New York City, contact us. (And we also do dog photography gift vouchers -something to keep in mind when you’re looking for that hard-to-find original present for your pet-loving friends.)

Dog photography in New York. A French Bulldog in NYC.

Dog photography in New York. A Red Wiemeraner in NYC.

Dog photography in New York. Apartment stairs in NYC

(And of course we can photograph your cat too during the winter – all cuddled up at home!)

Cat Photography in New York. Curling up together on the bed with her cat.

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