Pet Photography in Austin, One of America’s Dog-Friendliest Cities.

You lucky dogs in Austin! There’s quite a few different polls out there that aim to find out which American cities are most dog-friendly, and while the results vary slightly, Austin is always in the top five. Sometimes it’s even number one, like in this poll by Rover a few months ago. Austin, with all its gorgeous parks, its large amount of dog-friendly restaurants, and its many doggie events, is a canine paradise. And a dog-lover’s paradise. And, lucky us, a pet photographer’s paradise.

Our Austin pet photographer, Rebecca, loves combining her passion for photography and her passion for dogs by capturing your precious pooch’s unique character. You can see some of her images below. Click here to find out more about her pet photography sessions.

Oh and to all you Austin dog owners, here’s a fun list of canine pleasures your city has to offer.

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