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Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Milo the cockerpoo jumping beside a windmill
Milo the cockerpoo jumping over steps

We are delighted to announce an increase in the amount of images we offer as part of our service!

We are constantly researching and investing in new technologies to make our pet photography service better and better at Paw Pixels. We have now streamlined our service with an entirely new post production route and much more powerful hardware behind the scenes which means that we are increasing the quantity of images you will receive when you book a photoshoot through Paw Pixels.

Previously we were able to offer 20 to 30 images during a 1 to 2 hour shoot. With the use of our new, more powerful system, we are now confident that every photoshoot will result in, AT LEAST, 40 to 50 incredibly high quality images of you and your furry best friends! All suitable for print at any size at an extremely high quality.

Whether you choose to shoot indoors or outside we use only the highest quality, fastest lenses. Combined with a range of image processing (way beyond lightroom and photoshop!), low light is not a problem. Whenever and wherever your pets are most comfortable is fine with us!

So why not give us a try and receive up to 50 photographs that will truly show every side of your pet's personality!

Contact us now to arrange a shoot or buy a gift voucher as the perfect gift for any occasion.

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