Meet Your New Pet Photographer in New York

We’re delighted to welcome Natalie Siebers to our team of pet photographers! Natalie is based in New York, and will be photographing pets around the city for us.

Natalie's has vast experience with animals, both exotic and domestic. Her passion for travel, natural light, candid moments, and all living things makes her a perfect fit for the Paw Pixels Pet Photography team.

"I am an accomplished animal photographer located in New York City. I have worked with exotic animals at zoos and sanctuaries including elephants, lions, tigers, and primates. I have travelled all over the world photographing animals in the wild. My greatest passion is capturing the bond between animals and their humans. My creative ability to capture the candid moments and natural understanding of animals shines through in my work with stunning results. I look forward to working with you and your companion soon!"

Below are some amazing images by Natalie. You can view Natalie's full portfolio at

Enquire here about a photo shoot with Natalie, or find out more about gift vouchers!

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