Lauren Naefe joins us in New York City.

Dog photography in New York. A red Wiemeraner on the cobbled streets of Manhatten

We’re proud and excited to have Lauren Naefe join us as a pet photographer in New York City! Lauren is a portrait and street photographer with an inspiring portfolio and, not unimportantly, a huge passion for animals. “I’m so thrilled to pair two things I love – pets and photographer – by joining Paw Pixels,” says Lauren. “From dogs and cats to bunnies and birds to iguanas and snakes, I’ve been around animals my entire life, and have always loved capturing their unique personalities and their special relationships with their families on film.

My sessions are easygoing and natural, with me recording all of the quirks and qualities of your loved one, and getting great shots of you together in an authentic and genuine way.”

Find out more about pet photo shoots in New York City! Below are examples of Lauren’s pet shots, and you can check out her non-pet-related work at

A big fat furry welcome to Lauren!

Dog phtography in New York. A Boston terrier in Manhatten

Cat photography in New York. A beautiful cat lying on the bed with her owner

Dog photography in New York. A French bulldog in NYC.

Pet photography in New York. Sitting on the apartment steps in NYC

Dog photography in New York. A cold winter scene for this New York dog.

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