Photographing humans with animals.

We often get asked whether we photograph humans along with their animal during a shoot.

The answer is... absolutely! The memories we want to create for you are of your whole family. We love to see children and adults playing, running, hugging, kissing and interacting with their furry family members as much as we love taking pictures of the animals themselves.

You can see some of our amazing customers and their incredible pets in this gallery.

If we can capture a friendship, a moment of trust, a sense of protection or well played game in a photograph then we can truly supply you with a memory you will be delighted to hang on your wall, fill up an album or show your instagram followers just how amazing your relationship is with your pet.

There is no additional charge for people during our photo shoots so bring anyone and everyone you can!! Every connection is different.

Book your shoot today by visiting our contact section or just drop us an email at

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