Commercial Dog Photography London – Mazda

The Mazda CX-5 has been voted the best car for dog owners by "What Car?".

During "Pet Appreciation Week - What Car? - with the help of the amazing experts from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, The Mazda CX-5 was chosen from a shortlist of 6 new cars as the very best car for dog owners in a day of testing at the Hitchin Priory Hotel.

What Car?’s criteria considered a whole range of dog-friendly aspects otf the cars in the tests. The size and accessibility of the boot, interior air-flow and the durability of the upholstery – and it was Mazda’s newest SUV that scored highest and got the final paw of approval.

As part of Mazda's campaign to promote this amazing accolade, a selection of famous dogs from the world of social media were invited along to test the cars to see what they all thought.

London animal photographer, Ian McGlasham was there to capture all of the action with the dogs having free run of the Mazda CX-5 and the CX-3 during a really good fun day out in Coombe Hill in Chiltern.

On behalf of the London based agency onefiftyconsultancy, Ian took these amazing photographs of all the dogs and their owners enjoying these amazing canine friendly cars.

So who was there?

We had Ramsey the blue staffy and his owner Jason (@bluestaffy) who were simply fantastic. Jason is such a professional on a shoot that we really look forward to meeting him and Ramsey again. If you ever need to put paid to the idea that staffies are anything but gentle, friendly and intelligent - Then you need to meet Ramsey. He could be one of the loveliest dogs we have ever met!

You would be hard pressed to meet a more beautiful pair of cockerspaniels than Severus and Lily (@spaniellife). They love eachother and it seems eveyone else who comes anywhere near them! A real joy to be around.

You might think of dachshunds as nervous or a little shy but this is definitely not the case for Bun the sausage dog (@bunthesausagedog). Bun is simply crazy!! leaping into and out of everything with seemingly endless energy and fun. Bun is great!

Little Tilly the poodle (@sillytillypoodle) and Marley the cookerpoo (@cockerpoomarley) are such good friends with eachother and their owners it was like having a little club of trouble running around everywhere together! they loved getting into everything. What really impressed us was there huge repertoire of tricks. So much fun!

To see the entire gallery from the day visit Ian McGlasham's Website.

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