Animal Photography Guide. Part 1 - Introduction

Dog photography in London. A guide to photographing animals

We are delighted to announce our amazing guide to animal photography by Ian McGlasham. Read the introduction to this in in depth guide full of tips and tricks on photographing cats and dogs (and any other animals of course!) This is just the first part in a series which will cover all aspects of Ian McGlasham's experience as a pet photographer in London. The full guide which will be released over the next few weeks will cover:

The Equipment used to photograph animals professionally. Not just the cameras and lenses but everything you might need to consider to get mazing photographs of your pets.

Camera settings. Everything from the basics to the more advanced camera settings to use to get the ideal shots of your animals.

Setting up a shoot. A comprehensive guide to positioning yourself as a photographer and your animals as a subject for your photographs. A huge list of things to consider which are easily missed by amateur photographers.

Taking the shot. What makes a great photograph. What makes a great gallery of photographs. Ian McGlasham describes the diversity of shots required to tell an amazing story of your day photgraphing your pets. How to get every shot and what to do next!

Post production. An often overlooked process in photography, we will explain the importance of good post production for you precious photographs. Using Adobe Lightroom, Ian McGlasham will talk you through the steps to take all of your photographs to the next level.

Read the introduction to this amazing guide to pet photography here.

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