Louis and Martha

One of the best times of day for animal photography is just after the sun rises. It is a small window of opportunity which gives a fresh energetic feel to a shoot with your dogs. The animals themselves seem excited at the new start to a day. The dew on the grass and the fresh smells from the nocturnal wildlife just minutes earlier means that they are more energetic and playful than they would be later in the day. There are fewer people around and they feel like they have the whole place to themselves. A great time to capture them in photography to remember forever.


This morning, Ian McGlasham our London pet photographer was out in Richmond Park with the adorable Louis and Martha.


A surprisingly wild backdrop just outside of London where dogs can run free over acres and acres of incredible countryside.

The dogs themselves are great friends and their owners, David and Lynsey (the photoshoot was a birthday gift for Lynsey) were part of the fun too.


The day was a true mini adventure and we were all exhausted at the end. I think the photographs were well worth it!